I have always been an artsy and creative person. After the birth of my second daughter, I decided to stay home and be my own boss doing what I do best; making things.  

Inali, Cherokee for black fox, was founded with two purposes in mind. I wanted to mix textures, colors, and repurposed items into jewelry designs that are beautiful statements for the modern woman and man.  I take material most people no longer have use for and repurpose or upcycle those materials by incorporating them into one-of-a-kind fashion pieces. 

I am Northside, St. Louis born and raised. I grew up with grocery, shoe, candy and other family owned businesses on every corner. Over time, things happened and my community had less and less successful businesses in the neighborhood. I want Inali to be a part of the revival of family owned businesses in my community. We all win when our communities are thriving with commerce, creativity and opportunities for employment and positive, growing role models that are among our neighbors and friends.  I currently employ help from time to time to work shows or help with other things, but long term I would like to increase the number of artists and staff working to grow Inali into an upcycle lifestyle brand that is a contributing member of the community and the fashion world.

 Be a part of the Inali lifestyle by joining our tribe. Help us grow the experience of an upcycled lifestyle by wearing our pieces to express your best self, contributing your unwanted materials, and sharing your photos and stories of what community means to you.

- Patrice Hill